Mission & Objectives

Established in 2004, the Association ASSID For Sustainable Development is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that seeks to empower rural women in Morocco through sustainable agriculture initiatives. ASSID provides women with the support and resources to develop and market their health and beauty products as a means to economic independence. Offering trainings on the conservation of biodiversity, natural resource management, functional literacy, and the efficient use of technology, ASSID seeks to alleviate poverty by fostering self-sufficiency.

For further progress and development, ASSID is open to collaboration with all actors involved in sustainable development.

Saadia Zrira

President of Association ASSID

We empower women in rural areas through sustainable development projects that combat poverty and improve their socio-economic conditions, while simultaneously conserving biodiversity and natural resources.

Our objectives are to:

Fight Poverty - We design and implement self-sufficient, income-generating projects, help women market their products, and develop basic infrastructure in rural areas.

Conserve the Environment - We train women on sustainable harvesting and utilisation of plants, especially aromatic and medicinal plants (AMPs).

Educate Rural Women and Youth - We implement functional literacy programs.

Foster Partnerships - We seek to link domestic and international organisations to support our rural development projects.

We are pleased to be able to offer trainning on the
valorisation of Aromatic & Medicinal Plants (PAM)

places available for March-July 2013


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